Our Story


During the 2012 – 2013 school year, Grade 5 students at St. Richard Elementary School were presented with the question: What can we do to improve our community? In response, students created a bagged lunch program and began to feed hungry kids in schools across the city. Since its establishment, students have made over 40,000 bagged lunches for kids in need, identified by principals and teachers, at schools across the city.


In August of 2015, the B’s Supporting Youth Foundation was registered as a charity to oversee and develop the bagged lunch program as well as to ensure its sustainability in the future.


Every Tuesday, we are joined by 6-8 students and their teacher from participating schools who arrive at Millhurst Community League to prepare and deliver lunches. Our kids-helping-kids approach teaches children a meaningful way to help others: they can make them a lunch.


Our goal is to continue to provide opportunities for Edmonton students to actively assist their peers. During the 2017-18 school year, our students prepared and delivered a total 11,930 lunches!


It is our hope that we are creating a strong sense of social service and philanthropy, and teaching students that help and hope can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as a full lunch bag.



B's Supporting Youth Foundation Board

James Stuart - President

Colin Powles - Vice President

Gloria Spooner - Treasurer

Leslie Stuart - Member at Large

Therese Kuefler - Member at Large

Valinda Oswald - Member at Large